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Weight Recordings

Free Weight Management Recordings These recordings are not about diets and constantly saying no to the foods you love, they include lifestyle change, helping you to make the right choices. Each recording incorporates elements of future pacing, NLP (Neuro Linguistical Programming), and specific hypnotic language, that will achieve the results you desire.  They all contain the…
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Take Time to Relax

Experience hypnosis! Imagine being able to profoundly relax, reset, and refocus your day… in less than 20 minutes! As you interact with this convenient program, you’ll discover the hypnotic ability to step into your physical and mental best in a matter of minutes. There are 2 copies of this recording, one solely with music, and…
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Anxiety cost on the NHS

Analysis from the New Economics Foundation shows how elements of our economy are causing increased stress and therefore increasing cost to and strain on the NHS. The analysis finds that there were 17,500 episodes where stress or anxiety was the primary cause for hospital admission and shows that this led to 165,800 days where beds…
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Coping with Stress

Stress is something that is part of normal life, in that it is experienced by everyone from time-to-time. However, some people suffer from stress which is so frequent or so severe that it can seriously impact on their quality of life. Stress and Stressors Stress is something that is part of normal life, in that…
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Your beliefs

Your beliefs – How do you make sense of your world? We all make sense our world in our own way, we all have different beliefs with nobody thinking alike. This is because we all process information in our unconscious minds in different ways. It is estimated that your brain receives about four billion nerve…
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