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I can work with your child using EFT (tapping) or Hypnosis depending on the child’s and guardian’s preference.  As you can imagine, it’s quite unlikely that a younger child will sit still and let themselves be hypnotised, so I use therapy though play and EFT, with each child being given their own Teddy with the tapping point marked. Parents / Guardians will also be taught how to tap with their child. Therapy arrangement for children aged 12+ will be discussed with the child as well as parents / guardian. There are many benefit for tapping on the “bad” things that we feel and experience. As a child either tells their story or shows how they feel through emoji’s pictures they become “tuned into” the problem. Then tapping on the EFT points during these moments is likely to resolve the issues or, at the very least, lighten their impacts on the child. This is significant for children because they are constantly picking up “stuff” from parents, teachers, peers, television and so on. These inputs go on daily and accumulate over the years to fill what we adults often call our “emotional garbage bags.” If these inputs go unresolved, of course, they form unnecessary “limits” and thwart the attainment of our true potentials.

Examples of thoughts that seem insignificant to us, but to the child may feel ‘life changing’ could be: 

·         I was late to school

·         My friend didn’t play with me today

·         My teacher doesn’t like me

·         People don’t ‘Like’ my social media posts (older children)

·         I am not popular

·         I have to eat things I don’t like  

·         That’s not fair – Usually causes resentment and anger

·         My brother / sister gets more attention than me

As well as many other issues, Hypnotherapy & EFT are fantastic for:     

·         Negative Emotions

·         Social Media Addictions

·         Changing toilet habits

·         Ego Strengthening and Self-esteem

·         Confidence Building

·         Anxiety

·         Separation Anxiety

·         Thumb Sucking

·         Obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions

·         Sleeping Difficulties

·         Behaviour Problems

·         Coping with bullying

·         Learning and Exams

·         Concentrate and stay focused

·         Calm and well behaved in class