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How can Counselling help you? Your thoughts & understandings are usually linked to events experienced during your past. I will enable you to explore many parts of your life and thoughts, by talking openly and without restrictions.  Talking in such a way that is seldom possible with family or friends, who are likely to have opinions and biases that may be detrimental to the success of your counselling. If you’ve battled depression, sadness, anger, or any other of the many negative emotions in life, then maybe it’s time to get some help. I have the experience to address several related issues at once.  I understand that this can be a difficult process, but please feel assured that I will help guide you at a pace you’re comfortable with. Discover a new life with CHD Therapies; you’ll realise that true peace of mind can be an everyday thing.

​I can assist you with a wide range of issues, including:
  • Feeling anxious and stressed
  • Bereavement and loss, including divorce and loss of employment
  • Feelings of anger and loss of control
  • Addictive behaviour
  • Weight Loss
  • Life transitions, including children leaving home, divorce and retirement
  • Relationship difficulties, including a pattern of unsatisfying or abusive relationships
  • Motivation
  • Goal Achievement
  • Pain and Stress-Related Illness
  • Mindfulness

Life Changes Are you experiencing a major transition or considering a change in your life’s direction? Therapy is not just for those who need to solve a problem; a therapeutic experience can help you adapt to new circumstances or bring about meaningful change to those seeking more out of life.