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Your beliefs

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Your beliefs

Your beliefs – How do you make sense of your world?
We all make sense our world in our own way, we all have different beliefs with nobody thinking alike. This is because we all process information in our unconscious minds in different ways.

It is estimated that your brain receives about four billion nerve impulses every second. You couldn’t possibly be aware of all this information; can you image the headache? We are not usually aware of the temperature unless we’re cold, unaware of the feel of our clothes, unless they’re uncomfortable. The information wasn’t important at that particular moment in time, so our unconscious mind deletes.

At some point we usually distort information depending on our beliefs. Has anyone ever told you how great you look, do you believe them, or do you make some reasoning in your mind that suits you. Maybe, “they’re just saying that to be nice”

Maybe you have a belief that you are stupid, never do anything right, then someone compliments you, do you deflect their comment, discount it or even dismiss it? Now imagine someone told you that you made a mistake, do you believe them? I bet you do, as this confirms your belief about yourself.

We also generalise information, so we don’t have to relearn things every day. Remember when you first learned to drive, you noticed everything you did, now you get into the car and drive, you don’t go through the process of thinking about changing gears or steering,

And because we all filter information differently means that we all think and feel differently. Have you ever seen a film that you loved, and your friend hated, this was because you both filtered the information differently based on your different beliefs & values, and the same goes with life, what you filter in one way will be perceived totally different by somebody else?

If you are not living the life you deserve, if your filters are not creating the results that you want, then we can work together to change them. This can be helped with Hypnotherapy, Counselling & EFT

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