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Weight Recordings

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Weight Recordings

Free Weight Management Recordings

These recordings are not about diets and constantly saying no to the foods you love, they include lifestyle change, helping you to make the right choices.

Each recording incorporates elements of future pacing, NLP (Neuro Linguistical Programming), and specific hypnotic language, that will achieve the results you desire.  They all contain the same relaxation script, with the hypnotic suggestions starting at 9 minutes. The average recording is approx. 25 minutes

Stop Night Eating

Sugar & Chocolate Addiction

Stop Emotional Eating

Weight Loss & Exercise

These programs are hypnotic in nature and should only be listened to in a place where you can give it your full undivided safe attention so of course not behind the wheel of a car, or operating machinery so please make sure you seated in a comfortable place that is appropriate to briefly close your eyes before starting the recording.

Please select which option(s) you require, then enter your name & email address for the immediate download of your weight loss recording(s).

    *These recording are also offered at the cost of £6.97 each with binaural beats which should be listened to whilst wearing headphones. When listening to binaural beats your brain gradually attunes to the binaural frequency which causes the temporary alteration in consciousness aiding your hypnotic experience.

    Should you become disturbed during the binaural state, you may feel a little bit groggy a little bit like you have just woken up and may need a few minutes to readjust this is not going to cause any problem as long as you don't do anything potentially dangerous until you are fully aware. For most people these binaural beats are non-addictive or abusive, however they may not be suitable for a small percentage of the population. These are people with epilepsy or other seizures due to the effect that the repeating sound pulses may have on the brainwaves, and again, anybody who uses a pacemaker or taking medication should only listen to this recording after taking medical advice..  Please email for more details.

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